Best advice for the guys

Dear guys read!!!

Stop punishing your handsome self.

Stop breaking your own heart by yourself.

Stop calling her phone endlessly and when she doesn’t pick, you hide ur caller ID or even buy a new line and continue calling.

Believe me she saw ur missed calls & msgs and choose not to return them.

She’s not too busy as she claims wasn’t she busy when she accepted you? Didn’t she make out time from her busy schedule to spend time with you?

Didn’t she make out time to call and chat with you even if it’s late night? Though she was busy and didn’t pick ur call at first, what changed now?

Stop bugging her friends with calls asking after her and her whereabouts

Bcos she probably had discussed you with them and they know you ain’t her man, so they keep toying with your head and making jest of you after the calls.

Relaxing women don’t discuss their man, so stop giving them reasons to talk bout you

She sees ur calls and msgs. She just doesn’t want to respond

She’s done with you

Done and Dusted!!!

Trying to get her back is like flogging a dead horse or watering a dead flower and you will loose yourself trying to get her back

She’s busy giving another man the attention she is denying you, you might be surprised but it’s just that some girl are not matured enough to open up to you that they are done

They will Just leave you in the middle of nowhere, wondering what happened and where you got it wrong

It’s her loss not yours if she fails to see a wonderful person you are

Pick yourself up and let her go bcos your everything another woman is praying for

Love is not meant to be forced!

Cry, grieve, do whatever you will but don’t make a fool of yourself!!

Keep your dignity and self respect

Besides you never believe you would meet her, so believe there is someone better than her waiting for you!

Let her go if she insists!!! Move on bro

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  1. God bless the writer of this message.. everything is direct to me. i will not make a fool of myself anymore… no need to call her and her friends again

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