How he paid me 5million to do it with is dog now I am pregnant

Could this be ritual? Maybe not. A young Lady revealed to a relationship expert Ojukwu Chukwuebuka, the host of I Relationship make or Mar, how some men came to her campus in kenya, they were recruiting girls that they wanted to have canal knowledge of. According to her, she was promised everything life had to offer. She was given 1.5million as advance payment. They told the girls that they can make 3 million each. She agreed to be part of the deal as the money involved was enormous.

When she got to the place, she was surprised to see that the men wanted them to do it with dogs. According to the girl, she refused to take part in such a thing but her friend persuaded her to try and do it. The men promised to increase the money to 5Million each.

They later did it with the dogs and got paid as well. They later got back to Nigeria. According to the girl, she now has a strange illness. She can’t see her period since that day. She is scared that she might have falling into the hands of Ritualists.,”what if I am pregnant for the dog “she asked. According to her, she is scared to go to the hospital to confirm if she is pregnant or not. She is desperately looking for possible solutions to her problems. In your opinion, what do you think that is the cause

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  1. It’s foolishness to be scared now. She’s in the best positions to run a test, even without disclosure to anybody to ascertain her health status. Many things could stops menstrual flow, and asexually transmission of infections could be one, and if pregnancy then should know if puppy is in her and removal by expert and experience doctor be. But however having carnally known dogs is evil, and such person deserved deaths by stones pelted. So let her ho for scanning and laboratory tests.

  2. First thing to do is go for a pregnancy test and other tests that need to be carried out….be open to your doctor….like they say if you hide sickness, sickness go hide you inside grave.

  3. you become the most foolish woman on this Earth, God will surely punish you till you die. because you abuse the good work of God that God give to you ,then wait for your dead.

  4. Go to hospital first but you can’t be pregnant for animal because the human and animal chromosome aren’t the same

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