I am a married woman but I have been thinking of this man because of what he does

I am a married woman but I swear I have been thinking of this man

I pray God help me pass this temptation. I went to the supermarket yesterday, I met one man about to buy a perfume and he seek for my advice about a perfume and I gave him, we chatted a bit about perfumes and he was excited when I told him about perfumes because I am a freak.

I picked all I wanted and when we got to the pay point he asked for my number , I refused to give him , he was begging me but I still refused , then he dipped his hands into his pocket , brought out some money and his complementary card and put it in my bag , he left my line and went to another line to pay and left.

I did not touch my bag I just paid with my pos and drove home. It was when I got home that I checked my bag and saw that this man put 50k in my bag and his card.

I am a married woman but I swear I have been thinking of this man, I could not sleep ,should call him ? Or should I just tell my husband so we talk about it and laugh, I don’t want to sleep with the man but I just want him as a friend because he is so nice nothing deep

Ladies and gentlemen i need your advice

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  1. Well, don’t be freak about the cash the man gave you. All are vanity upon vanity. The man will use you and move on, and you will be left for a subject of caricature.

  2. you just try to forget the matter been you re not single.

    Don’t tell ur husband it might cause another suspicious.

  3. in as much as it’s good to appreciate ones good gesture, my candid advise on this…don’t contact him because you will be stuck ASA you did and extramarital affair have started. About niceness, there are still nice people if that’s the case.

  4. don’t be carried away because of a chicken change of 50k. the aim of giving you that money is not clear. yes, some men are too kind enough to part with such amount without any evil intention, while some with evil intention. please tell your husband about it and if possible, the two of you can call the man for appreciation. resist the temptation of having sleepless nights because of the man. it doesn’t worth it. you are a married woman, behave as one.

  5. call the man and collect more money from him then after the money you settled him for what he requested from nonsense

  6. Nothing to appreciate him for, the man just want to get inbetween your laps and move on to next prey, The car you drove to the supermarket is more than 50k, I believe that the car belong to your husband

    My dear, don’t indulge in extramarital affairs,its dangerous. My advice :Take the 50k to charity or place of worship.church or mosque, don’t ruin your marriage because of 50k

  7. sister you are already married ,why are you still having interest,or feelings for another man .it means you never love your husband don’t use your hand to distroy your marriage if you really knows the reasons why you are a married woman ,pls go to God in prayer for his mercy to be upon your marriage thanks

  8. omo… money is d key to open the leg of ladies, women sef… wen they see money they count the person to b nice , asking u about perfume selection is not a big deal. but u fall for the man wen u saw 50k in ur purse. well if u love ur husband wella. u better wake up.. b a wise lady and not a fool. if it was ur daughter who does this what advice will u give or ur reaction will b? ladies will b ladies…and women will b women

  9. talk about it,burn the card or not.you’re still going to find another man somewhere someday. its in you,its who you’re Even before this one you called your husband even met you…Anuofia!

  10. madam nothing nice here for a journey of thousands miles begins with a step he gave 50k you are confused but by time he send 1m into your account you surely take him to the land of milk and honey you better forget about the man if by chance you see his just tell him thank you and go your remember the devil is out there looking for who to devour be warn

  11. dont be a fool because of 50k your husband is worth more than a million to you torn the card and give the money to charity

  12. The man set a trap which is about to catch you. Who knows if he is a yahoo type and needs your star for ritual. If you love your marriage, tell your husband, tear the complimentary card & don’t copy his contact.

  13. what do u expect when u are lazy? what’s spectacular about 50k if u truly believe in ur self? am pretty sure the vehicle u are using were not bought by u if not u had supposed to knw the value of life…

  14. I don’t think u told him u are married when he was begging for ur number because if u did he would have walked away in peace, only 50 thousand is making u think of him and can’t sleep, then ask urself is ur marriage worth more than 50 thousand? take between ur marriage or the 50 thousand, the way u are sounding I know once u see that man in a lonely place something must go down so madam focus on ur marriage and leave another woman’s man ok

  15. nothing deep, nothing deep thats how infidelity starts. Talk to your husband, laugh over it and burn the card. my candid advice.

  16. In first place what another man will do that will make you thinking of him since you have your own man. As a woman you will be seeing such even more of that every day. Be contented and love ur husband.

  17. If it persist & you can’t help it, discuss it with your husband. Possibly, let your husband call with his phone to thank him. Don’t call him with your line if you really love your husband. Because the moment you do & he’ll call at will & do anything to get your attention.

  18. Send the 50k to an orphanage or a widows organisation (comtact me if you dont know any) and dont fail to discuss this issue intelligently with your husband.

  19. If i may ask, is it the money you discovered as you got home that makes you begin to think about him or what? You don’t even know who this man is. My advice is that you talk to your husband about it, who knows it might be your dear husband who tried to set you up with him, am saying it as a man.

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