I hope I will get to experience love someday-Teni Makanaki

27-year-old Teniola Apata is widely known in the music world as Teni the Entertainer and Teni Makanaki.

University of Georgia graduates are songwriters and recorders with at least 10 hits. Together with his sister, who is also a singer, Teni opened his life, his musical success, his ideals, and his love for EDENGOR ENTERTAINMENT ASSISTANT GBENGA BADA.

Congratulations on receiving the latest EP. What inspired the three EPs that were tracked?

We are on probation when so many people lose their lives, jobs and so on. The time for the importance of music in these difficult times cannot be overcome because it is an instrument that can bring hope to the world. I feel I have to publish a playlist to help others get through this time. Only good music helps you spend time.

You are often referred to as a “one-person god” because you can record a song once. How do you develop these skills before you master them?

So I just recorded everything, no matter what the sound was like. Then I will develop it later.

A few years ago you discovered how you can show your skills as a songwriter when you write “Like Dat” for Davido. How has it been since then?

That is good. Right now I write more songs for myself, but when I get the right opportunity to work with other artists in this role, it’s always a blessing.

How do you manage your song repertoire to make sure you have high quality songs for your own albums and EPs?

For me, I think fans deserve the best from me, because for people to look after you for three minutes in their lives, you just have to give them their best. I consulted with my team and ensured that it was almost perfect in production, technology, marketing and other fields.

Guide me through the song writing process

This is mostly a different process, but I usually find this random melody inspired by random sounds. Then I record a freestyle where I just vibrate and then set the lyrics correctly.

How can you guess which song is a hit? Is it during writing or after production?

I don’t need to record to hit because I think every recording is good music. The hit is determined by the fans who listen and decide, oh, I prefer this song. I only believe in making music, consulting with my team and letting fans enjoy it.

Aside from his fame as a singer, he was the one who was there before you became famous for songwriting and singing, Goofy’s Instagram star. How did it happen?

I just want to be happy alone and make sure I bring this energy there when I enter a room. You don’t know what different people see and whether what I do or say can bring a little relief to my stupid self and why not?

I remember when I started using YouTube videos to talk about random things, and my friends and family told me how much they liked it. This has spread to my Instagram community and I am very happy that people accept me as I am and find comfort in it.

Let’s talk about family. What did you miss most about your father, known as the disciplinarian and founder of the Apata Memorial School?

I miss you so much. Discipline, yes, but he loves his family.

Niniola is your sister who is also very good for yourself. Do you have to be the best competitor?

It’s hard to believe, but when we grow up in such a big house, we learn to love each other. We always make sure we turn our backs on each other. Obviously there is no competition between Nina and me.

Which of the songs makes you speechless the next time you hear it?

“Uyomeyo” is a song that always does this to me. It has a very special place in my heart because it has so many meanings and tells so much about my life journey so far.

Which collaboration do you always enjoy before you accept it, and who do you try to duet with international and local organizations?

I’m not sure if I’m in a situation like that. However, when it comes to possible duets, I want to have Wande Coal, Wizkid, Simi, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Drake.

What is the best thing that you get through fame?

The joy of seeing happiness on the faces of fans when I step on stage or meet them. The irreplaceable feeling is that your desire can offer all this.

What is your pet?

Dishonesty and lack of respect.

What is your idea of ​​love and you are currently in a love relationship?

Love is special. I mean the idea of ​​building a life with someone forever and doing everything to see that person smile. This is the biggest feeling you can find. I hope to experience it someday, but now it’s all about music.

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