I just got an impeached says Donald Trump

I just got impeached says Donald Trump.

The President of the United States of American tweeted some moments ago, “I just got impeached for making a perfect phone calls”.

A lot of responses have flocked the internet,

Joey Saladino; ” the dems are crazy, we must investigate them”!.

Angela Belcamino; ” It wasn’t a perfect phone call and the majority of Americans support the impeachment of Trump”,

Who is with me??

Clintin killdepstein; ” Imagine how miserable you and your fellow leftist clowns have become with each day even with your impeachment. You impeached him but yet you look miserable, angry, bitter and frustrated while the man you impeached just enjoys himself everyday with him”.

Michael Coudrey: “They impeached because you dare to investigation Joe Bidem and Democrat corruption in Ukraine”!

RD; “Trump will be the first impeached president to get reelected. We will make sure of it in 2020″

Who is with me?

Matthew J Show; ” At the end of the day, the American people will never elect a Democrat to the WH!

Why they have done nothing but harass President Donald Trump around the clock!

President Donald Trump has endured so much BS from the Democrat and yet is so popular with the American people.

Four more years”!

What do you think?

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  1. In America Senate has final say on Impeachment. Trump is safe. GOP constitutes majority of the senate and it is unlikely they will impeach their own President. It has not happened before.

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