Morning prayer for today

1.This morning Awesome God, I come before you today With one thing to say. Thank you Abba Father, For all you’ve given to me. For my beautiful life, my family and my friends Thank you for the blessings you gave that I never deserved.For the protection your hand provides For the forgiveness you offer day after day.

2.Good morning, Lord! Today’s a new day, a chance for a new start. Yesterday is gone and with it any regrets, mistakes, or failures I may have experienced. It’s a good day to be glad and give thanks, and I do, Lord.

3.Lord, may nothing separate me from You today. Teach me how to choose only Your way today so each step will lead me closer to You. Help me walk by the Word and not my feelings.

4. Oh Lord, thank you for your steadfast love that is new every morning in Jesus name.

5. I prophesied that all the plots against my life today shall backfire in Jesus name.

6. Father grant me supernatural wisdom for my activities this morning in Jesus name

7. Father I declare that all my journeys today shall be accident free in Jesus name.

8. Father this day shall deliver unto me every blessing that you have kept for me in the name of Jesus.

9. Lord every plan of the enemy over my life and members of my family shall not come to pass this day.

10.I speak forth supernatural victories over every plans and plot of the enemies in my life today in the name of Jesus.

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