Why so many women cheat on their husbands

The rate of married women who report they’ve been unfaithful has increased by 40 percent, while the rate among men has remained the same.

More women than ever are cheating, women/men they are willing to admit that they are cheating.

So what exactly is happening inside marriages to shift the numbers?

What has changed about monogamy or family life in the past 27 years to account for the closing gap? And why have so many women begun to feel entitled to the kind of behavior long accepted as a prerogative?.

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  1. women are naturally adulterous,sorry about that,some of them always want to acquire wealth,they do not want people to control them,some of them remember those were their boyfriends in secondary school and higher institution s,social media have helped them to be able to reconnect with them and all these promote cheating

  2. social media, is a major contributory factor to more women cheating these days.. Married women shouldnt be allowed in.

  3. As soon as culture was abused by their custodian and Religion too which supposed to be the last gate keeper for morality was bastardized by western style of life, the packs collapsed for adultery.

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